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Hello! I want to share a funny family story with you today. About a year ago, my parents talked to my cousin's girlfriend, Shannon, and she told them that her side gig is painting portraits of people's pets.

You can imagine how their eyes widened as they realized that a portrait of the puggles had been sorely missing from their lives. They hired Shannon. She came over and took photos of Chloe and Tito in different parts of the house, from different angles, both together and individually. She chose the best photos and began to paint.

About a month later, Shannon came over with the portrait all wrapped up. She did the big reveal for all of us, and we were shocked. She completely captured our pups' little spirits and personalities! I think she

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I was talking to my friend recently, and I asked if he and his girlfriend were thinking about buying a home soon. He said that he'd done a couple of home searches and there weren't any desirable properties in his budget. BUT, as you savvy real estate consumers know by now, since he was not searching on the MLS, he was missing a TON of awesome properties. I asked what his budget would be (estimated) and where he would want to live, and quickly found 22 properties that fit the bill. He was shocked and so excited that they may be able to get a starter home sooner than he thought. I outlined a few tips for him as a first time, young home buyer, that I'd love to share with you as well.  

Finances:  Keeping your financial position stable will increase

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When I host open houses in condo complexes, potential home buyers usually have a lot of questions about condo living. I want to share a few of my thoughts with you on the ups and downs of buying a condo rather than a single family detached home.


Exterior Maintenance: Someone else handles the work on the exterior of your unit

Perks: Condos often provide amenities such as pools, parks, gyms, and community events

Price: Condos often have a lower sales price than single family detached homes Location: You may be able to purchase a condo in a central, popular part of town where there are few single family detached homes Security: The HOA may provide a security guard or security measures to make sure you and your property are protected.

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Hi everyone!  Adopting Finn got me thinking about pets and how to sell a house with pets and move with them.  Here are some tips to make the sale and move go as seamlessly as possible:


Make sure your pet's microchip and/or collar tag are up to date.  With so many moving pieces, you do not want your pet to escape out of the house when someone is coming in or out and run off!  You'll have more peace of mind knowing that if Fido does make a break for it, your contact number is on him.  You can get new pet tags made at most pet stores for under $10.  






If you are moving out of the neighborhood/city, go to your Vet's office and request your pet's paperwork and medical history so that you can transfer it to his new Vet.

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As you can probably tell by now, my boyfriend and I love craft beer.  He loves it more, as he works in the industry, but it's something we both enjoy.  We are both so impressed by how Ballast Point has taken off recently!  We've both been to the new location numerous times, and it is wonderful and pretty close to where we live.  

Ballast Point has 4 locations--near Scripps Ranch, in Little Italy, near Linda Vista (Home Brew Mart), and their newest location, in Miramar.  James visited the Miramar location on Friday and said it's incredible.  It's the largest of the 4 locations, and the new brewery is approximately 3X the size of their original brewhouse.  It has a 150-barrel copper brewhouse purchased from Germany.  The new brewery will also contain

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Hello, friends!

I want to do a quick post about the closing process, and what to avoid to help your transaction close without a hitch.  It is very exciting having your offer accepted, and it's important to keep your transaction on track so that your deal closes successfully.  Here are 5 things that you should steer clear of after you've had an offer accepted:  

Changing your marital status

You can change it if necessary, but you need to inform your Realtor, escrow company, title company, and mortgage lender.  Your marital status affects the way you will hold title to the property, so they may have to re-draft documents, possibly resulting in a delay.  If you are able, filing to change your marital status before submitting a real estate

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Hi all!  

Recently, one of my colleagues and friends asked what I use for graphic design. Sharing is caring!

 I use, and HIGHLY recommend, for simple graphic design projects.  It is quick, user-friendly, close to free (certain features cost $1...most are free) and wonderful.  I stumbled upon it during a night spent in the woes of Photoshopping.  I thought...there HAS to be a better way, did a little research, and voila!  Canva to the rescue.  

 You can make business cards, flyers, logos, Twitter/Google+/Facebook banners, photo collages, and a whole lot more.  It is NOT good for editing photos (re-touching red eyes, smoothing out skin, etc.) but it is great for designing appealing graphics and typography sets.      

These are a

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I spent some time recently with a wonderful woman and business owner, Victoria Mattar.  If you need a jeweler in San Diego, I know your place!

Rock n Gold Creations in Kearny Mesa is a great place to come to get your jewelry cleaned, order a custom piece, sell scrap gold or other jewelry, or find an piece of estate jewelry.  They can also order a lot of jewelry brands (ahem, Yurman, ahem) and sell them to you for cheaper than you can find them anywhere else.

What's special about Rock n Gold is the level of customization the designer, Simon (Victoria's husband) is able to achieve.  Victoria showed me numerous pieces he has made, and the detail is insane (I don't know how he's not blind yet!)  Victoria explained that to make a custom piece, they

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I want to write a post about home fixes that add value to your home.  I was hosting an open house recently and a potential home seller came in and asked a bunch of questions about selling, and was very curious to know about what he can do to add value.  The truth of the matter is.... it's not an exact science.  That being said, here are some ideas of fixes that CAN bump up your home's value, whether you are looking to stay there or sell.


Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades


Bathroom and kitchen renovation is a rather costly job, but these areas of the home do add value to the home when they are nicely upgraded.  These are the go-to rooms of the house that people think of when they think about adding value.



Front Door 


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Hi, everyone!

I want to share a story with you about a group of friends who share a special bond and a special monthly event.  My grandpa on my dad's side started a poker club many years ago.  Two of the original players (besides Grandpa) are still playing.  

James and I have been invited to play with the group a couple of times.  Bringing in anyone new is a RARE occurrence, and only happened because Grandpa's sick and had to miss it.  As far as I know, I'm the only woman to ever get an official invite; it's very much an ole boys' club.  Over the years, a few people have stopped coming (I didn't want to ask why) and now 3 younger guys are regulars (my dad, my uncle Mike, and Mike's friend).

The group meets every month, on the first Friday of

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