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 If you have had your offer accepted, congratulations!  That is a big step.  You may think now is the time to relax.  After all, you've worked hard to get a mortgage pre-approval, connect with a Realtor, see houses, submit an offer, negotiate, and agree to the terms.  However, there is much left to do, so it's important to stay focused to get through the Escrow process.  I have broken the next steps down into small, manageable tasks that will help you stay on track.  Your Realtor will be there for you every step of the way, guiding you through each task.  If you follow these 10 steps after your offer is accepted, you'll be on track towards closing your Escrow successfully.  



Earnest Money 

You need to submit your Earnest

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Do you feel like you’re always hearing that it’s the “perfect time to buy!” AND the “perfect time to sell!”? Do you wonder how that can be the case? I bet you have, informed real estate consumer! And you’re right–it is not always the best time to buy or sell.

Realtors will sometimes use this verbiage because they want your business now, regardless of whether it is a great time for you to buy or sell real estate. Let’s set the record straight.

A great way to put your finger on the pulse of your real estate market is by reading a complete market update. A quicker way is to use a reputable market index. I like the Altos Research Market Action Index. When this index is less than 30, the buyers have the advantage in the market. When it is above 30,

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You only get one chance to make a first impression! Whether you are selling your home or just want to spruce up its curb appeal, here are some easy and budget friendly tips to help your house look great from the outside:

Dress up your front door

Give your door some TLC with a new coat of paint and a new door handle.  I personally love brightly colored front doors.  Your fabulous new door is sure to be noticed by everyone who walks into your home.  


Improve outdoor lighting

Beautiful lights on the sides of the door or path lights leading up to your home can make a huge impact.  It looks great, AND helps guests see the path in front of them.  


Boost your garden

Plant easy-to-maintain bushes, trees and flowers.

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I want to share with you a few common mistakes that home buyers make, so that you can avoid them at all costs when you buy a home yourself.

Eek! This is a biggie. You probably know your approximate monthly budget for your groceries, car payment, student loans, gas, and weekend outings. So why, then, would you go into a home search without a budget? The best advice I can give it to speak with a mortgage broker early on in your home search to get a sense of your budget. This way, your agent has a number to be respectful of, and you won’t fall in love with a house you can’t afford.  


Try not to get too excited or downtrodden throughout the process.  I know you are passionate about your new home. However, there will likely be many ups

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I was talking to my friend recently, and I asked if he and his girlfriend were thinking about buying a home soon. He said that he'd done a couple of home searches and there weren't any desirable properties in his budget. BUT, as you savvy real estate consumers know by now, since he was not searching on the MLS, he was missing a TON of awesome properties. I asked what his budget would be (estimated) and where he would want to live, and quickly found 22 properties that fit the bill. He was shocked and so excited that they may be able to get a starter home sooner than he thought. I outlined a few tips for him as a first time, young home buyer, that I'd love to share with you as well.  

Finances:  Keeping your financial position stable will increase

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When I host open houses in condo complexes, potential home buyers usually have a lot of questions about condo living. I want to share a few of my thoughts with you on the ups and downs of buying a condo rather than a single family detached home.


Exterior Maintenance: Someone else handles the work on the exterior of your unit

Perks: Condos often provide amenities such as pools, parks, gyms, and community events

Price: Condos often have a lower sales price than single family detached homes Location: You may be able to purchase a condo in a central, popular part of town where there are few single family detached homes Security: The HOA may provide a security guard or security measures to make sure you and your property are protected.

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Hi everyone!  Adopting Finn got me thinking about pets and how to sell a house with pets and move with them.  Here are some tips to make the sale and move go as seamlessly as possible:


Make sure your pet's microchip and/or collar tag are up to date.  With so many moving pieces, you do not want your pet to escape out of the house when someone is coming in or out and run off!  You'll have more peace of mind knowing that if Fido does make a break for it, your contact number is on him.  You can get new pet tags made at most pet stores for under $10.  






If you are moving out of the neighborhood/city, go to your Vet's office and request your pet's paperwork and medical history so that you can transfer it to his new Vet.

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Hello, friends!

I want to do a quick post about the closing process, and what to avoid to help your transaction close without a hitch.  It is very exciting having your offer accepted, and it's important to keep your transaction on track so that your deal closes successfully.  Here are 5 things that you should steer clear of after you've had an offer accepted:  

Changing your marital status

You can change it if necessary, but you need to inform your Realtor, escrow company, title company, and mortgage lender.  Your marital status affects the way you will hold title to the property, so they may have to re-draft documents, possibly resulting in a delay.  If you are able, filing to change your marital status before submitting a real estate

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"Can I keep it?"  This is a very common question amongst homebuyers, and comes up in almost every real estate transaction.  The Realtor usually starts talking about fixtures vs. personal property to help the buyers determine what will be theirs and what won't be.  There are, though, a lot of grey areas regarding what is considered a fixture and what is personal property.

Fixtures are items which are affixed to the property (usually bolted in).  Typical examples of fixtures are light switches, plants in the ground, windows, mail boxes, garage doors, etc.  Personal property includes items which can be easily moved and removed from the property.  Examples are art work, potted plants, TVs, standing lamps, tables, etc.  However, consider the following

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I've been asked numerous times about which home upgrades do not add much to the value of the home.  That's not to say that these upgrades shouldn't be made, but they should be made because YOU want to enjoy them, not because you're looking for them to boost value of your property. Keep in mind that this list is San Diego-specific.  In some cities, I'm sure a beautiful swimming pool would add tremendous value, that's just not the case here.    


Swimming Pools

Pools do not add much, if any, value to a home in San Diego.  Pools require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and it can be a burden to keep them safe for kids and dogs.  Many buyers do not want a pool, and will not even come look at your home if you have one.  That being said, if a pool

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