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"Can I keep it?"  This is a very common question amongst homebuyers, and comes up in almost every real estate transaction.  The Realtor usually starts talking about fixtures vs. personal property to help the buyers determine what will be theirs and what won't be.  There are, though, a lot of grey areas regarding what is considered a fixture and what is personal property.

Fixtures are items which are affixed to the property (usually bolted in).  Typical examples of fixtures are light switches, plants in the ground, windows, mail boxes, garage doors, etc.  Personal property includes items which can be easily moved and removed from the property.  Examples are art work, potted plants, TVs, standing lamps, tables, etc.  However, consider the following

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I've been asked numerous times about which home upgrades do not add much to the value of the home.  That's not to say that these upgrades shouldn't be made, but they should be made because YOU want to enjoy them, not because you're looking for them to boost value of your property. Keep in mind that this list is San Diego-specific.  In some cities, I'm sure a beautiful swimming pool would add tremendous value, that's just not the case here.    


Swimming Pools

Pools do not add much, if any, value to a home in San Diego.  Pools require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and it can be a burden to keep them safe for kids and dogs.  Many buyers do not want a pool, and will not even come look at your home if you have one.  That being said, if a pool

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Today I want to post about the option of doing For Sale By Owner.  Some home owners opt to sell their home themselves, without the service of a real estate agent.  This can be done successfully, but it's difficult and here are some reasons why I'd recommend using an agent rather than selling a home yourself:

1.  Commission -- You'll still have to pay commission to the buyer's agent regardless of whether you use an agent yourself or not.  The vast majority of buyers use an agent, so the seller is responsible for paying that agent's brokerage if that sale goes through.

2.  Coordination -- Your agent will coordinate open houses, showings, lockboxes, yard sign installation, home inspections, appraisal, and more.  All of these things take time, and

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If you are planning to buy a home, you should absolutely enlist the help of a Realtor!  Your Realtor will be on your team throughout the entire process, and will give you a great deal of peace of mind.  I'll go into more detail on the four main reasons why buyers should have a Realtor.





In California, the commission of the buyer's agent is usually paid by the seller.  The listing agent charges a certain percentage of commission, say, 5%, to split between herself and the buyer's agent.  This is one of the main costs of selling a home.  Since the services of a Realtor come at no cost to you, the buyer, I highly recommend reaching out to a Realtor when you are getting ready to purchase a home.  in California, more

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I was with some first-time buyer clients last weekend, and was telling them approximately how long escrow typically takes.  Mid-way through, the wife stopped me and asked "what exactly IS escrow?"  I realized that escrow becomes a big part of your life during the purchase or sale of a home, but isn't fully understood otherwise.  Here is the role of escrow in a real estate transaction, in a nutshell:

An escrow is a deposit of funds or deed from one party, with the intention to deliver it to the other party upon completion of a series of events, as laid out in a contract.  Escrow "opens" upon delivery of escrow instructions and a fully executed real estate contract to a certified escrow company.  The escrow officer processes the escrow,

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